Used Cranes with a New Crane Experience

To sell your house, you employ one of many people who have the capability to sell a house. Not everyone can sell a crane. 

At MCT, we combine experience, a structured sales methodology and a deep network of industry contacts to ensure your used equipment experience is handled professionally and efficiently.


Whether you are sourcing machines, selling machines or disposing of your existing assets, we have the industry experience to back us and make us your first choice.

Structured sales methodology

Our structured sales methodology is a fully managed process, so you can get on with the important business of running your business. 

Network of industry contacts

We only work with the best both locally and internationally. That’s how we’re able to ensure we attain both the best purchasing price and the best sales price.

Within our used division, we offer three key areas of support: 

  • Sale of high quality used equipment

MCT will source your required equipment through our international network of trusted partners, handling all stages of the process to deliver a high quality machine ready for use. From training and handovers, to repairs and modifications – our team of dedicated staff works together to ensure you receive the equipment you need with minimal downtime. 

  • Disposal of your existing asset

Before we commence the job, our team provides a structured disposal plan to secure full visibility of the process from start to finish. High value machines need high value team members, and at MCT we trust that over 10 years experience in the used crane market fits the bill. 

  • Refurbishment of tired machinery

MCT Equipment provides high quality refurbished equipment with full warranty in constant circulation. At MCT, we understand the importance of providing a cost effective and time effective solution to our clients which is why our refurbished units are serviced to the highest standards with compliance and quality at the forefront every time. 

All machines that are sourced come in for major inspection at MCT, then go through a full refurbishment prior to getting a new owner. This improves and extends the machine life-cycle, getting it ready for its second wind.